Performance and Safety Inspections

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Getting inspections done on your air conditioning and heating system is necessary to keep your system working efficiently, effectively and properly. We have an affordable inspection plan to help keep your system up to warranty compliance, avoid unnecessary break downs, high utility bills and keep up the reliability and performance you need for your home and family.

The Program Includes:

Air Conditioning Inspection – Heating Inspection
No Trip charges for service calls
VIP Pricing on Repairs & Parts – Priority Scheduling for Repairs

What is an inspection, what does it entail and how much is it?

       Inspections are $90.00 and are always done by non-commissioned service technicians.

       We also have whole home HVAC inspections which are regularly done by realtors, investors and new home buyers for $150.00

       We also offer a 3 year plan which entails 2 visits per year, one air conditioning and one heating for $420.00. SAVES YOU $120.00!! over 3 years. In our 3 year plan we call you to set the appointments so you don’t have to remember. We perform all tests listed below as well as do an overall eye test and check the operation sequence of the machine. We will give you a summary of needed maintenance and/or repairs needed for safety, warranty compliance, efficiency and keep your HVAC unit working properly for years to come.

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Tucson, Arizona

Our Performance and Safety Inspections Includes:


Check For Loose Connections That May Cause Unit Short Cycling. If Possible, Check Or Calibrate Temperature Readings.

Split Temperature

Measure Temperature Difference Between The Air Returning (Return) and The Air Coming Out Of The Vents (Supply). Ideal Temperature Differential Is Approximately 20 Degrees.

Air Filter

Check Your Filtering System, Looking For Dirty Or Clogged Filters. A Dirty/Clogged Filter Can Restrict Air Flow, Freeze Coils and/or Cause Unnecessary Service Calls. (Filters Should Be Changed Monthly)

Air Distribution

Check The Air Flow And Registers Throughout The Home. Looking For Dirt And If Air Is Balanced In Each room. We Do Recommend O.B.D. Registers For Optimal Air Balance.

Disconnect Box

Make Sure All Connections Are Tightened, Look For Signs Of Fatigue Or Burn Marks, Ensuring Box Is Firmly Connected To Wall and Look For Any Type Of Melting. (Replace If Necessary)


Check On The Condition Of Your Fuses, Looking To See If Fuses Are Swollen, Burnt or Bad. If Any Of The Previous conditions Exist Replace With A New Fuse.


Check Contactor For Worn and/or Pitted Pads and Points. Check Part For Discoloration, Burnt Wires Or Chattering. Replace Part If Needed.


Inspect All Parts For Loose Wiring, Worn Out Parts and Ensuring Parts Are Mounted Securely.

Compressor Capacitor
& Fan Capacitor

Check Microfarads On Compressor and Fan Capacitors. Ensuring That The Readings Are Within Tolerance, That They Are Not Swollen, That They Are Not Rusted And/Or Leaking Oil. Replace If Bad.


Check Starting Amp Draw Along With Running Amps. Compare To Unit Rating Labeled On Units. Look For Burnt Wires At Compressor Terminals.

Condenser Fan

Check  Amp Draw Against Max Ratings. Check For Loose Bearings Or Damaged Fan Blades And If Needed, Oil Motor.

Condenser Coils

Ensure That Condenser Coils Is Clean, Free Of Dirt And/Or Debris. Also Look For Damaged And/Or Bent Fins Which All Can Reduce Seer Level (Efficiency).

Blower Motor

Check Amp Draw Against Max Rating. Check Blower Motor And Blower Wheel To Ensure Clean And Debris Free. And If Needed Oil Motor.

Blower Run Capacitor

Check Microfarads On Capacitor, Ensuring Rating Is Within Tolerance, Not Swollen Or Disfigured and/or Leaking. Replace If Needed.

Evaporative Coil

Check And Make Sure BOTH Sides Of Coil Are Clean. Dirty Coils Cause Poor System Performance And Early Breakdown. A 10th mm Of Dust Can Reduce Efficiency By Up To 15%.

Condensation Drain

Making Sure Drain Is Free Of Debris & Bacteria. Checking PVC For Loose Or Cracked Parts. Looking For Signs Of Overflowing (Rust)


Make Sure Plenum Is Sealed Correctly And That There Is No Unnecessary Air Leaks. 8 Out Of Every 10 Plenums Leak.

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